The Crucible (1959)

The Crucible
by Arthur Miller


The Pillars of the Community
John Procter - Joseph Rowland
Elizabeth Procter - Barbara Higgins
Giles Corey - Eric Taylor
Francis Nurse - Reg Percival
Rebecca Nurse - Gladys Graham
Thomas Putnam - Kenneth Pearson
Ann Putnam - Jo Morgan
The Ecclesiastical Court -
Governor Danforth - Keith Higgins
The Reverend Parris - Stanley Dalton
The Reverend Hale - Peter Russell
Judge Hathorne - Keith Barron
Ezekial Cheever - Edward Whitehead
Marshall Willard - Frank Drayton
Deputy Hopkins - David Warner
The Witch-Girls -
Abigail Williams - Jean Roberts
Mary Warren - Susan Robertson
Mercy Lewis - Jean Woodward
Susan Walcott - Susan Cosnett
Betty Parris - Glynis Davenport
The Witches -
Tituba - Margaret Brayshaw
Sarah Good - Jo Morgan

Director - Joseph French
Designer - Sheila Fitzgerald

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