Under Milk Wood (1959)

Under Milk Wood
by Dylan Thomas


Onlooker - Anthony Burrows
Captain Cat - Terence Watson

1st Drowned - Rober Walter
2nd Drowned - Peter Masser
Rosie Probert - Joy Olver
3rd Drowned - David Aldridge
4th Drowned - Roger Worrod
5th Drowned - David Warner
Myfanwy Price - Kay Gregory
Mog Edwards - Edward Whitehead
Jack Black - Keith Higgins
Mr Waldo - John Dillam
Waldo's Mother - Gina Altree
Waldo's Wife - Sheila Oakley
1st Neighbour - Pamela Bateman
2nd Neighbour - Brenda Jennings
3rd Neighbour - Anne Dingle
4th Neighbour - Heather James
Little Boy Waldo - Jeffrey Spencer
Matti Richards - Jenny Walter
Matti's Mother - Ruth Baillie
Rev Eli Jenkins - Eric Whyte
Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard - Margaret Lindsay-Scott
Mr Ogmore - Reg Percival
Mr Pritchard - Stanley Beaufoy
Gossamer Beynon - Barbara Higgins
Organ Morgan - Adrian Stockton
Mrs Organ Morgan - Elizabeth Robbins
Utah Watkins - Kenneth Pearson
Willy Nilly - Peter Russell
Mrs Willy Nilly - Anne Dingle
PC Attila Rees - Harry Lord
Sinbad - Rober Walter
Gwyn Jones - Anthony Gregory

Lily Smalls - Pamela Bateman
Mae Rose Cottage - Margaret Cessford
Bessie Bighead - Joan Morris
Ocky Milkman - Keith Barron
Cherry Owen - Keith Higgins
Butcher Beynon - Kenneth Pearson
Mr Pugh - Eric F Abbott
Mrs Pugh - Betty Priddis
Mary Ann Sailors - Enid Haig
Dai Bread - Eric Taylor
Polly Garter - Phyllis Walter
Nogood Boyo - Roger Worrod
Lord Cut-Glass - David Warner
The Guide Book - David Aldrige
Mrs Dai Bread One - Joan Morris
Mrs Dai Bread Two - June Willmott
Mrs Cherry Owen - Ruth Baillie
Mrs Beynon - Gina Altree
Maggy Richards - Jenny Walter
Ricky Rees - Stephen Morley
Our Sal - Susan Robertson
Nasty Humphrey - Richard Spiers
Billy Swansea - John Brooke
One of Mr Waldo's - Ann Holloway
Jackie with the Sniff - Charle Bethell
1st Woman - Heather James
2nd Woman - Dorothy Percival
3rd Woman - Joy Olver
4th Woman - June Willmott
Evans the Death - Keith Barron
Fishermen - Peter Masser, Eric Taylor
Gwenny - Jane Morris
Child - Vicky Majdalany
Mother - Brenda Jennings

Director -
Phyllis Harris
Designer - Nancy Upshall

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