The Boy Friend (1963)

The Boy Friend
by Sandy Wilson


Hortense -
June Willmott
Maisie - Ann Richards
Dulcie - Rosemary Butcher
Fay - Gail Spencer
Nancy - Angela Lee
Polly Browne - Susan Robertson
Marcel -
Ian Baker
Pierre -
Anthony Cook
Alphonse -
David Evans
Madame Dubonnet -
Phyllis Walter
Bobby van Husen -
Michael Phillips
Percival Browne -
Rex Satchwell
Tony -
Austin Stickley
Lord Brockhurst -
Robert Snelson
Lady Brockhurst -
Elizabeth Robbins
A Gendarme -
Herbert Munk
A Waiter -
Herbert Munk
Pepe -
Ian Baker
Lolita -
Gail Spencer

Director and Choreographer - Mary Dalton
Musical Director and Piano - Stanley Dalton
Designer - John Ford
Drums - Barry Milner

21st birthday gala production

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2016 Talisman Theatre