The Merry Wives of Windsor (1963)

The Merry Wives of Windsor
by William Shakespeare


Sir John Falstaff -
Robert Snelson
Bardolph - Harry Lord
Pistol - Trevor Thomas
Nym - Michael Ryan
Robin - Nigel Tingle
Master Ford -
Anthony Burrows
Mistress Ford -
Phyllis Walter
John -
Rod Owen
Robert -
Peter Casemore
Master Page -
Peter Masser
Mistress Page -
Betty Priddis
William Page -
Robert Power
Anne Page -
Susan Jones
Master Fenton -
Monty James
Host of the Garter -
Eric Taylor
Sir Hugh Evans -
Eric Whyte
Dr Cairns -
Eric F Abbott
Mistress Quickly -
Margaret Brayshaw
Rugby -
Roger Warren
Justice Shallow -
Nevil Malin
Master Slender -
Ronald Haddon
Simple -
Peter Hargreaves

Director - Rex Satchwell
Designer - David Burrows
Music and Songs - Patricia Satchwell

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