Rule a Wife and Have a Wife (1964)

Rule a Wife and Have a Wife
by John Fletcher


Prologue -
Norma Casson
Michael Perez -
Anthony Burrows
Juan de Castro - John Dillam
Servant - Michael Ryan
Clara -
Dorothy Harrison
Estefiana -
Susan Robertson
Sanchio -
David Charlton
Alonzo -
Anthony Pardoe
1st Lady -
Betty Flanders
2nd Lady -
Iris Warren
3rd Lady -
Gina Altree
Altea - Ann Richards
Leon - Rex Satchwell
Cacafogo - Eric Taylor
Margarita - Betty Priddis
Maid - Paula Hambledon
Lorenzo - Rod Owen
Old Woman - Norma Casson
Duke of Medina - Robert Snelson

Director - Rex Satchwell
Designer - David Burrows

This production was staged at the Priory Theatre, Kenilworth.
The original Talisman Theatre was demolished in 1964, and from June in that year until early 1969 productions were staged in various locations:
The Priory,
The Loft,
Coventry Cathedral,
St Nicholas Church,
Parochial Hall,
The Clarendon Arms.
The new theatre opened in February 1969

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