The Physicists (1966)

The Physicists
by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, translated by James Kirkup


Police Inspector Richard Voss -
Nevil Malin
Marta Boll - Betty Campbell
Blocher - Herbert Munk
Guhl - Graham D Bourdman
1st Policeman - Philip Prior-Pitt
2nd Policeman -
Ronald Hope
Police Doctor -
Kenneth Thomas
Herbert George Beutler (Newton) -
Rex Satchwell
Fräulein Doktor Mathild von Zahnd -
Betty Priddis
Ernst Heinrich Ernesti (Einstein) -
Clive Gillingham
Frau Lina Rose -
Betty Camwell
Oskar Rose -
Ronald Haddon
Adolf-Friedrich -
John Butler
Wilfried-Kaspar -
Clive McGrory
Jörg-Lukas -
Lee Clark
Johann Wilhelm Mobius -
Anthony Burrows
Monika Stettler -
June Munk
Uwe Sievers -
Peter Campbell
McArthur -
Ronald Haddon
Murillo -
Kenneth Pearson

Director - Robert Prior-Pitt
Designer - Robert Prior-Pitt

This production was staged in the Nave Theatre, Coventry Cathedral.

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