Fallen Angels (1968)

Fallen Angels
by NoŽl Coward


Julia Sterroll -
June Munk
Fred Sterroll - Herbert Munk
Saunders - Georgina Spencer
Willy Banbury - Gordon Spencer
Jane Banbury - Ann Richards
Maurice Duclos - Jeremy Heynes

Director - Margaret Brayshaw
Designer - Anne Stanyon

This production was staged in the Clarendon Arms, Kenlworth

This was the last production at the outside venues. For the next 12 months all energy was devoted to the building of the new theatre which opened in February 1969.
The Clarendon Arms 'upper room' had served as the meeting place for the Order of the Buffaloes. Its Talisman years (room for a full house of 50!) was, in Harry Lord's words, 'the first pub theatre'. The room was subsequently used for functions.
The Cathedral's 'Porch Plays' were a sixties feature and instrumental in keeping a nucleus of Talismen and women together during the exodus. Many Coventry actors came across to the new theatre in 1969.




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