Trelawny of the Wells (1969)

Trelawny of the Wells
by Arthur W Pinero


James Telfer -
Robert Snelson
Augustus Colpoys - Edward Whitehead
Ferdinand Gadd - Trevor Thomas
Tom Wrench - Austin Stickley
Mrs Telfer (Miss Violet Sylvester) - Margaret Brayshaw
Avonia Bunn -
Ann Richards
Rose Trelawny -
Susan Robertson
Imogen Parrott -
Audrey Jacques
O'Dwyer -
Nevil Malin
Miss Brewster -
Ann Brooks
Mr Mortimer -
Rex Satchwell
Mr Denzil -
Peter Peverley
Mr Hunston - Alan Champion
Hallkeeper at the Pantheon - Kenneth Pearson
Vice-Chancellor Sir William Gower - Anthony Burrows
Arthur Gower - Roger Gaynham
Clara de Foenix - Linda Finlay
Miss Trafalgar Gower - Rene Casson
Captain de Foenix - David Charlton
Mrs Mossop - Betty Camwell
Mr Ablett - Bert Rollings
Charles - Rupert Brooks
Sarah - Laura Flanders

Director - Anthony Burrows
Designer - David Burrows

This was the first production in the new theatre.

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2016 Talisman Theatre