Babes in the Wood (1970-1)

Babes in the Wood
by John Crocker
with words and music by Eric Gilder and others


Baron Stoneheart de Stoneybroke -
Peter McGarry
Maid Marion - Margery Oatridge
Muddles - Cyril Cartwright
Polly Flinders - Ann Richards
Fairy Nightingale - Jane Barfield
Demon Catbane - Ricahrd Childs
Sammy - Anthony James
Susan - Angela Snelson
Wuffles the Dog - David Grindrod
Nurse Jemima Bloggs - Tony Holdstock
Robin Hood - Dorcas Jones
Horrible Herbert - Philip Highley
Frightful Fred - Bob Snelson
Chorus - Yvonne Gattrell, Stephanie Sherlock, Penny Wright, Adrian Gattrell, Stuart Hunt, Ken Sherlock
The Sylvia Bird Dancers - Linda Chamberlain,
Joanne Hayes, Lynda Hodgkiss, Fiona McRae, Sandra Walker, June Webb

Director - Ted Whitehead
Producer - Anthony Burrows
Designer -
David Burrows
Music - Morris Barnwell (piano), Clive Barnwell (percussion)
Musical numbers staged by - Sylvia Bird

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