Twelfth Night (1971)

Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare


Orsino -
Roger Gaynham
Valentine - Alan Champion
Curio - Christopher Rose
First Officer - Ray Davison
Second Officer- Rex Satchwell
Viola - Ann Richards
Sebastian - Richard Childs
Sea Captain - Rex Satchwell
Antonio - Tom Sadler
Olivia - Susan Robertson
Maria - Margaret Brayshaw
Sir Toby Belch - Bob Snelson
Sir Andrew Aguecheek - Stanley Dalton
Malvolio - Anthony Burrows
Fabian - Peter Peverley
Feste - Eric Taylor
A Priest - Joseph Main
Attendants - Sally James, Militza Nikolic
Musician - Bruce Norris
2 Sailors - Joseph Main, Ray Davison

Director - Rex Satchwell
Designer -
Jim Wilkinson
Music written and played by Bruce Norris

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2016 Talisman Theatre