Talisman Palace of Varieties (1972)

Talisman Palace of Varieties
Devised and directed by Philip Highley assisted by Ted Whitehead


Robert Brown, Betty Camwell, Elizabeth Gavan, Barbara Higgins, Keith Higgins, Tony Holdstock, Barry Lloyd, Joseph Main, Joan Price, Ann Richards, Susan Robertson, Ted Whitehead and the Sylvia Bird Dancers (Christine Clancy, Pauline Day, Fiona McRae, Sharon Veasey, Sandra Walker, June Webb)
Chairman - Harry Lord

Musical Arrangements - Brenda Griffiths and David Tall
Special Material - Nevil Malin and Philip Highley
Sketch from Coventry Scouts Gang Show
Designer - Cyril Hobbins
Musical Director - David Tall
Pianoforte - Brenda Griffiths
Drummer - Keith Beaufoy

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