Much Ado About Nothing (1981)

Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare

Friar Francis, the priest -
Barry Lytollis
Dogberry, the Constable - Angus MacDonald
Verges, his Deputy - Richard Elbourne
The Sexton - Neil Vallance
Watchmen - John Pugh, Graham Underhill
Nun - Vanessa Adye
Courtezan - Margaret Crook
Dogberry's Wife - Jane Fisher
Balthazar, a singer - Bryn Williams
Stall Holder - Jonathan Baumber
Beggars - Joan Green, Saul Goode, Lucy Morley
Musicians - John Ellam, Sue Ranson. Cathy Williams, Clair Crook
Leonato - Bob Snelson
Hero, his daughter - Gill Rushton
Beatrice, his niece - Ann Brooks
Antonio, his brother - Stan Beaufoy
Margaret, servant to Beatrice - Cathy Thornborrow

Ursula, servant to Hero - Elspeth Dales
Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon - Bryan Ferriman
Don John, his half brother, a bastard - Keith Berry
Benedick, of Padua - Tony Holdstock
Claudio, of Florence - Richard Childs
Borachio, follower of Don John - Colin Talbot
Conrade, follower of Don John - Guy Atkin
Soldiers - Rod Wilkinson, Peter Phipps

Director - John Burrows
Designer - John Ellam

Musical Director - Allison Bidder
Assistant Director - David Ellis
Songs and Incidental Music - Jonathan Dee
Choreographer - Chris Carpenter

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