Little Mary Sunshine (1981)

Little Mary Sunshine
Book, Music and Lyrics by
Rick Besoyan

Chief Brown Bear -
John Burrows
Corporal Billy Jester - Mike Skinner
Captain "Big Jim" Warington - Stephen Smith
Pete   }                           - Geoff Burrows
Tex     } Gentlemen of the - Tim Eden
Slim    } United States       - Brian McManus
Buster } Forest Rangers     - Graham Underhill
Hank  }                           - Bill Walton
Little Mary Sunshine - Dee Francis
Mme Ernestine Von Liebedich - Audrie Lawson
Maud      } 
Young Ladies    - Veronica Cogman
Blanche   } from                 - Sharon Kelly
Mabel     } Eastchester        - Liz Liggins
Henrietta } Finishing School - Sue Ranson
Cora - Sandra Tuson
Nancy Twinkle - Wendy Morris
Fleet Foot - Chris Ward

Yellow Feather - David Pinner
General Oscar Fairfax - Ted Whitehead

Director - Stephen Duckham
Designers - Wendy Morris, John Ellam

Musical Director - Fiona Dowding
Costumes Designer - Chris Ward

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