Lark Rise (1982)

Lark Rise
Keith Dewhurst
From the book "Lark Rise to Candleford" by Flora Thompson

Laura Timms -
Eleanor Furber
Edmund Timms - Ben Sutton
Emma Timms - Wendy Morris
Albert Timms - Neil Vallance
Bishie - Barry Lytollis
Boamer - Mike Skinner
Pumpkin - Graham Underhill
Old Price - Ted Whitehead
Old David - Keith Morris
Mr Morris - Edward Tilley
Fisher - Colin Talbot
Stut - Melvyn Barlow
Mrs Spicer - Eileen Carlton
Mrs Blaby - Audrie Lawson
Mrs Peverill - Mo Padfield
Mrs Miller - Margaret Crook
Mrs Wilkins - Joan Green
Mrs Ashley - Mary Ellam
Old Sally - Ann Wood
Dick - Christopher Ward
Old Postle - Mike Skinner
Mr Sharman - Ted Whitehead
Doctor - Graham Underhill
Carrier - Colin Talbot
Grandfather - Keith Morris
Queenie Macey - Joy Olver
Twister - Melvyn Barlow
Jerry Parish - Barry Lytollis
Martha - Petina Barlow
Mrs Beamish - Wendy Anderson
Squire - Edward Tilley
John Price - Colin Talbot
Mrs Andrews - Wendy Anderson
Garibaldi Jacket - Dianne Gray
Cheapjack - Mike Skinner
Tramp - Melvyn Barlow
Polly - Joanne Green
Landlord - Christopher Ward
Rector - Edward Tilley
Musicians - Geoff Burrows, Clair Crook, John Ellam, Becki Tall, Dik Thacker

Director - Graham Sawyer
Designer - Wendy Morris
Musical Director - Stephen Duckham
Music composed by Stephen Duckam
Assistant Director - Christopher Ward
Dialect Coach - Pat Friday

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