Sinbad the Sailor (1982)

Sinbad the Sailor
John Crocker
Additional material by Eric Gilder and Stephen Duckham

Tinbad -
Mike Skinner
Sinbad - Sandra Tuson
Mrs Sinbad - Stephen Smith
Camilla - Sharon Kelly & Debbie Bailey
Caliph of Baghdad - Mel Barlow
Princess Yasmin - Cathy Williams
Peri - Louise Robertson
Old Man of the Sea - Peter Tuson
Ali Whey - Graham Underhill
Bak Ali - Jon Pugh
Slave Master - Clive Cartwright
Vizier - Mel Barlow
Khedive of Egypt - Chris Ward
Chorus of People of Baghdad and Cairo and Jewerl Maidens - Petina Barlow, Anita Burrows, Clair Crook, Lin Paremain, Clare Quinn, Carl Barlow, Graham Norris, Allan Phillips, Martyn Robinson

Director - Stephen Duckham
Designer - Wendy Morris
Costumes - Christopher Ward
Choreographer - Angela Vallance
Musical Director - Brian Arnold
Percussion - Basil Witham

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