The Trojan Women of Euripides (1983)

The Trojan Women of Euripides
Translated and adapted by
Keith Hoskin

Poseidon -
Jon Pugh
Athena - Joan Green
Hecuba - Ann Brooks
Chorus of Defeated Trojan Women - Susanna Bird, Cathy Bowden, Chris Carpenter, Clair Crook, Jackie Jacob, Wendy Morris, Maxine Rice, Emma Shaw, Kate Walker
Talthybius - Robert Cramp
Anti-Chorus of Greek Guards - Ben Cashdan, Roy Jacob, Roger Kelly, Richard Orr
Cassandra - Wendy Anderson
Andromache - Wendy Morris
Astyanax - Thomas Cable
Menelaus - Crispin Hunt
Helen - Chris Carpenter

Director - John Burrows
Musical Director - Keith Hoskin
Designer - Graham Underhill
Music composed by Keith Hoskin

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