Beauty and the Beast (2006)

Beauty and the Beast
by Stephen Duckham


Rose Fairy -
Julie Godfrey
Horridana - Gill Bowser
Beauty - Kirstie Nichols
Panisse - David Draper
Dame Lotte - David Pinner
Charlie - Sean Noone
Prince Rowan - Alistaire Jolliffe
Thomas - Ben Rowell
Fifi - Charlotte Brooks
Renee - John Nichols
Henri - Geoff Mountford
Jacques - Tim Eden
Moaning Martha - Laura Elliott
Beast Double - Tim Eden
Chorus - Sophie Brown. Clare Burrows, Lyndsey Gallagher, Amy Richardson, Caitlin Richardson, Claire Smith
Children Team 1 - Sarah Cullum, Robert Joesbury, Emily Weston, Zac Wilkins
Children Team 2 - Joanna Godfrey, George Heynes, Rhys Jenkins, Millie Salisbury

Director - Stephen Duckham
Choreographer - Sally jolliffe
Musical Director - Rosemary Gowers
Designer - Paul Chokran

Photos by ZoŽ Jelley
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