Dad's Army (2006)

Dad's Army
by Jimmy Perry and David Croft


Captain Mainwaring -
Gus MacDonald
Sergeant Wilson - Neil Vallance
Lance Corporal Jones - David Draper
Private Walker - Mick Ives
Private Godfrey - Ron Webb
Private Fraser - John Francis
Private Pike - Dave Crossfield
Chief Warden Hodges - Rob Wootton
U-Boat Captain - Andy Bayliss
Mrs Fox - Denise Barham
Mrs Gray - Kate Willis
Company - Sean Noone, Geoff Mountford, Geoff Brook-Taylor, John Nichols, Tim Eden, Phil Highley, Anne Wood, Sue Howell, Sam Harris, Lyndsey Gallagher, Judy Murdoch, Susanne Jackson-Mayne, Margaret Brayshaw, Sophie Brown, Margaret Crook, Chris Williams, Adam Sturgess, Michael Pettit, Colin Ritchie, Deborah Bennett, Peter Brayshaw

Director - Tim Willis
Designer - Brian Tuck

Photos by ZoŽ Jelley
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