Valentino (2008)

By Laurie Hornsby and Stephen Duckham

June Mathis - Sally Jolliffe
Mother - Elizabeth Brooks
Alberto - Geoff Brooke-Taylor
Rudolph Valentino - Chris Smith
Purser - Tom Wootton
Immigration Officer - Colin Ritchie
Customer - Lyndsey Gallagher
Prostitute - Cynthia Anderson
Cop - Steve Barker-Mountford
Fredo - Alan England
Gigolo - Craig Garner
Sam Malone - Des McCann
Bianca de Saulles - Charlotte Brooks
Norman Kerry - Douglas Gilbey
Bonnie Sawyer - Michelle Williams
Jack de Saulles - Roy Donoghue
Porter - Geoff Barker-Mountford
Natacha Rambova - Charly Cook
Jesse Lasky - Clive Cartwright
Alla Nazimova - Charlotte Brooks
Jean Acker - Sarah Jenkins
Director - Alan England
Secretary - Michelle Williams
Mineralava Girls - Sarah Cullum, Rebecca French, Alice Cooper, Amy Richardson
Pola Negri - Michelle Williams
Doctor - Geoff Brooke-Taylor

Director - Stephen Duckham
Musical Director -
Tony Ayres 
Designer -
Tim Eden

Photos by James Harris
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2016 Talisman Theatre