Fawlty Towers (2013)

Fawlty Towers
by John Cleese and Connie Booth

Basil Fawlty - Bill Davies
Sybil Fawlty -
Jill Laurie
Manuel - David Draper
Polly - Aureilia Storey
Terry the Cook - Tim Eden
Major Gowan - Nevil Malin
Miss Tibbs - Maureen Jones
Miss Gatsby - Cynthia Anderson
Lord Melbury - John Fenner
Danny Brown - Damian Storey
Mrs Wareing - Ann Hannon
Mr Wareing - Mike Santos
Mr. Mackenzie - Geoff Barker-Mountford
Mrs Mackenzie - Ann Hannon
Sir Richard Morris - Mike Grimes
Lady Morris - Maureen Jones
Mr. Hutchinson - Colin Ritchie
Mr. Carnegie - Mike Santos
Mr Watson - Colin Ritchie
First Inspector - Mike Grimes
Second Inspector - Geoff Barker-Mountford
Third Inspector - Cynthia Anderson
Mr Walt - Damian Storey
Mr Taylor - Colin Ritchie
Mrs Taylor - Cynthia Anderson
Ronald - Damian Storey
Quentina - Ann Hannon
Mr Higgins - Geoff Barker-Mountford

Director - Wendy Anderson
Designer - Tim Eden

Photos by Peter Weston
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