Five Guests, Three Murders and One Poisoning (2013)

Five Guests, Three Murders and One Poisoning
by The Robert Bloomfield Players and Rebecca Preen


The Stantons
Lord Harold Stanton - Daniel Jackson
Lady Catherine Stanton - Charlotte Ball
Jeremy Stanton - James West
Miranda Stanton - Emily Carleton
Kitty Symons - Emily Mayo
The Household:
Perkins - Alex Gowers
Mrs Harvey - Amy Taylor
Nancy - Amy Moore
Franco - Laurie Weston
Alice - Millie Lomas
The Prices:
Mabel Price - Imogen Francis
Sam Price - Adam Sidaway
Eva Price - Sarah MacAfee
Coralline Price - Anna Cantes-Freeman
Aveline Price - Amelia Perkins
The Police:
Inspector Barnaby Hamilton - Harry Salisbury
Sergeant James Cowen - Tom Whiting
Professor Felicity Green - Ellie Lawson
Policeman - Patrick Whidborne
Lady Stanton's Friends:
Cecilia Maulden-Smyth - Jess Peck
Frances Maulden-Smyth - Molly Ives
Mildred Ravensden - Caitlin Mills
Reverend Phillips - Joseph Roberts
Other Characters:
Lady Morsha - Cheryl Harley
Phenula - Sarah Burrows
Sebastian Wilson - Joseph Roberts
Elliot Slim - Sam Abellan
Luke - Harry Bowser
John - Thomas Hayes
Radio Announcer - Thomas Hayes
Two Nuns - Imogen Francis, Cheryl Harley
Two Bank Clerks - Amelia Perkins, Anna Cantes-Freeman
Train Passengers:
Joseph Roberts, Sam Abellan, Harry Bowser, Millie Lomas, Sarah MacAfee, Sarah Burrows, Emily Mayo
Rich People:
Harry Bowser, Thomas Hayes, Millie Lomas, Sarah Burrows

Director - Corrina Jacob
Designer - Paul Chokran

Photos by Peter Weston
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2016 Talisman Theatre