Dick Whittington (2015/16)

Dick Whittington
by Alan P Frayn


Dick Whittington -
Ashley Clifford
Alderman Fitzwarren - Craig Edser
Alice Fitzwarren - Jessica Peck
Dolly Dumpling - Alistair Jolliffe
Idle Jack - Simon Moss
Captain Cuttlefish - Kelly Davidson
Scupper - Harry Bowser
Tom - Katie-Anne Campbell
Queen Rat - Amanda Dodd
Fairy Bow Bells - Gill Bowser
The Sultana of Morocco - Judy Murdoch
Chorus - Hannah Dodd, Erin Winslow, Alice Carleton, Ellie Gowers, Chris Flood
Ratlings -
Amy Joliffe, Elysee Williams Ward, Danielle Beaufoy, Zoe Davidson

Director - Steve Smith
Choreographer - Clive Bennett
Designer - Wendy Morris

Photos by Peter Weston
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2016 Talisman Theatre