Curtains (2016)

by Kander, Ebb & Holmes

Lt Frank Cioffi -
Des McCann
Carmen Bernstein - Sally Jolliffe
Georgia Hendricks - Amanda Dodd
Aaron Fox - Michael Barker
Oscar Shapiro - Phil Reynolds
Christopher Belling - Steve Smith
Niki Harris - Charlotte Brooks
Bambi Berne - Sophie Higgins
Sidney Bernstein - David Draper
Bobby Pepper - Ashley Spall
Johnny Harmon - Alastair Evans
Daryl Grady - Dave Crossfield
Jessica Crenshaw - Linda Smith-Blain
Randy - Ashley Clifford
Harv - Connor Cunningham
Jerry - Nick Doughlin
Patti - Ellie Gowers
Darcie - Jessica Peck
Sasha - Ann Hannan
Mona - Gill Bowser
Roberta - Sarah Young
Detective O'Farrell - Simon Richards

Director - Stephen Duckham
Choreographer - Sally Jolliffe
Musical Director - Rosemary Gowers
Designer -
John Ellam

Peter McGarry's review of this production.

Photos by Richard Smith
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2016 Talisman Theatre