Red Riding Hood (2016)

Red Riding Hood
by Stephen Duckham


Roberta Hood (Red) -
Nikki Cross
Head Wizard - Steve Smith
Aunt Flo - Kenny Robinson
Timmy - Harry Bowser
Bo Peep - Katie Siggs
Lionel Lupin - Michael Brooks
Peter - Ashley Clifford
PC Billy - Des McCann
Baroness de Brexit - Amanda Dodd
Dull - Geoff Barker-Mountford
Pinky - Amy Jolliffe
Perky - Lauren McCann
Porky - Dexter Robinson
Granny Hood - Christine Flood
Flo's Florett/Villager - Connor Cunningham
Flo's Florett/Villager - Hannah Dodd
Flo's Florett/Villager - Laura Henderson
Villagers - Emily Carlton, Alice Carlton, Zoe Giffen, Mitch Crowley-Palmer
Children - Elysee Williams-Ward, Sienna Williams-Ward, Oscar Webster

Director - Stephen Duckham
Choreographer - Sally Jolliffe
Designer - Gillian Bowser

PeterMcGarry's review of this production.

Photos by Peter Weston
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2016 Talisman Theatre