Youth Show (2016)

Ballad of Jessica James
by Geoff Bamber


Jessica James -
Mairi Pettigrew
Mr James/Calvin P Delberger - Harry Bowser
Mrs James/Euphemia - Hannah Dodd
Grandma/Floribel - Lauren McCann
Rufus - Jack Way
Mrs Frost/Sheriff Roscoe Becker - Alice Carleton
Miss Bleach/Mrs Rosetta Temple - Eloise Fraiser
Hoke Stanley/Elmer Chase/Claybourne Grim - Amy Jolliffe
Judy - Daisy Ward
Cleater McCheater - William West
Veronica Knibbs/Deputy Deeds - Aine Kirkwood
Miranda Magee/Trudy - Charlotte Whitehill
Growling Bear/Mrs Jenks - Nuala Reid
Miss Pfeiffer/Screaming Eagle - Jessica Whitehill
Mrs Stribling/Snarling Wolf - Mia Gardner
Tufus - Will Clifford

Director - Rosemary Gowers

The Musicians
by Patrick Marber


Roland -
Daniel Jackson
Alex - Molly Ives
The Ridley Road School Orchestra - Katie Baulcombe, Harry Bowser, Alice Carleton, Emily Carleton, Hannah Dodd, Alex Gowers, Daniel Jackson, Sarah MacAfee, Jess Peck, Emer Reid, Orla Reid, Erin Roberts, Hazel Siggs, Jack Way, Antonia Williams

Director -
Corrina Jacob

Photos by Peter Weston
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2016 Talisman Theatre