Dirk Smith - Secret Agent/Working Out Time (2018)

Dirk Smith - Secret Agent
by Geoff Bamber
Grainger -
Claudia Williams
Audrey Goodpenny -
Amy Jolliffe
Dirk Smith -
William West
Captain Tremaine -
Molly Ives
Professor Pretorius -
Seth Bryan
Anatoly Kazmarov -
Kieran Roberts
STINK Agents 1 and 2 -
Isaac Jacques and Oliver Mason
Madame Veronique de Vascalles -
Emily Carleton
The Ambassador -
Ellie Markham
Martha Starkley -
Lilia Clifford
Commander Ronald Molstrop -
Harry Bowser
3 Policewomen -
Kathryn McKernan, Georgina McKernan and Eloise Fraiser

Director - Rosemary Gowers

Working Out Time
by Corrina Jacob
Mrs Deakin -
Hannah Dodd
Mildred -
Mairi Pettigrew
Lady Challiner -
Elspeth Stratton
Nora -
Martha Bryan
Miss Matthews -
Hazel Siggs
Sally -
Erin Roberts
Agnes -
Mary Milner
Lizzy -
Alice Carleton
Gertie -
Heather Doy
Kim -
Aine Kirkwood
Harriet -
Jessica Whitehill
Flora -
Lauren McCann
Clara -
Olivia Glover
Lily -
Alais McCluskey
Sarah -
Nuala Reid
Edith -
Emer Reid
Rachel -
Imogen Francis
Steph -
Charlotte Whitehill

Director - Corrina Jacob

Photos by Peter Weston
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2016 Talisman Theatre