Cinderella (1944)

by Anthony Farmer, Priscilla Farmer and Bertie Crosthwaite


Cinderella -
Audrey Craven
Prince Charming - Mary Gray
Buttons - Anthony Farmer
Demon King - Alec Matthews
Fairy Queen - Anthea Henn
Fairy Godmother - Phyllis Heywood
Baron Stoneybroke - Peter Hughes
Salome - Tom Caswell
Salina - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Crafty - NIck Maginness
Sly - Harry Lord
Jack - Michael Bagley
Jill - Effie Holden
Alice - Dorothy McComb
Elf - Anne Caswell
Comedy Horse - Geoffrey Poole, George Wilkinson
Ladies of the Chorus - Betty Kiley, ,AnneCopeland, Daphne Fulford, Eileen Fulford, Gracie Wray, Anne Daniels, Mary Daniels, Thelma Wringrose, Sheila Robbins, Kathleen Clemons, Ursula Harley

Director - Tony Farmer
Designers - Tony Farmer, AC Matthews

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