Jane Eyre (1944)

Jane Eyre
by Heln Jerome from Charlotte Bronte's novel


Mrs Fairfax -
Gina Altree
Leah - Elizabeth Robbins
Jane Eyre - Mary Daniels
Grace Poole - Sybil Robbins
Mr Rochester - Jack Gracey
John - Tom Caswell
Adele Varrens - Effie Holden
The Maniac - Sheila Robbins
Amy Eshton - Kay Gregory
Louisa Eshton - Anne Daniels
Colonel Dent - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Lady Ingram - Adeline Beck
Blanche Ingram - Mary Gray
Mr Briggs - Tom Caswell
Reverend Wood - James Nason
Richard Mason - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Diana Rivers - Phyllis Heywood
Hannah - Mildred Holden
St John Rivers - Harry Lord

Director - Henry Billing
Designer - Cam

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