Housemaster (1944)

by Ian Hay


Charles Donkin -
Edgar Whitehouse
"Bimbo" Faringdon - Kevin Lomas
Victor Beamish - Tony Farnier
Frank Hastings - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Ellen - Daphne Fulford
Barbara Fane - Adeline Beck
"Button" Faringdon - Mary Daniels
Matron - Elizabeth Robbins
Rosemary Faringdon - Sybil Robbins
Chris Faringdon - Ann Daniels
Philip de Pourville - Torn Caswell
"Flossie" Nightingale - Harry Lord
The Rev Edmund Ovington - Nick Maginness
Sir Berkeley Nightingale - Harry Andrew
"Pop" - Eddie Davies
"Old Crump" - Michael Bagley

Director - Henry Billing
Designer - AC Matthews

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