Babes in the Wood (1946)

Babes in the Wood
by Anthony Farmer


Demon King -
David Iliffe
Fairy Queen - Anne Daniels
Bo Peep - Betty Kiley
Simon - Anthony Farmer or Kevin Lomas
Mary Contrary - Anthea Henn
Baron Badun - Peter Hughes
Dame Trot - Harry Lord
Robin Hood - Josephine Player
Little John - Mary Gray
Will Scarlet - Mary Daniels
Jack - Jean Slater
Jill - Irene Slater
Fido - Geoffrey Poole
Pie Face - Douglas Myhill
Dogsbody - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Sheriff of Nottingham - Glyn Morris
Shepherds, Shepherdesses, Robins Hood's Merry Men, Toys, Peasants, Fairies and Robins, etc - Angela Barnett, Kathleen Clemons, Mary Coleman, Jose Farmer, Pamela French, Anthea Henn, Beryl Hoddinott, Doreen Jones, Jaqueline Kiley, Irene Lee, Peggy Nordon, Thelma Smith, Betty Wagstaffe, Thelma Wringrose

Director - Anthony Farmer
Designer - Anthony Farmer

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