Jack and the Beanstalk (1949)

Jack and the Beanstalk
by Anthony Farmer


The Wicked Witch -
Gordon Farmer
Fairy Moonbeam - Nina Morris
Simple Simon - Harry Lord
Gerald - Michael Sykes
Dame Durdon - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Daisy - Roger Paddock and Michael Duffy
Fee - Donald Wakefield
Fie - Peter Ingham
Foe - Robert Snelson
Fum - Glynne Morris
Jack - Anne Davis
Old King Cole - Kevin Lomas
Princess Perfect - Audrey Craven
and Giant Blunderbore
Villagers, Bean Sprites, Guards - Rosalind Bartle, Gwen Chislett, Mary Daniels, Joy Dawtrey, Josephine Farmer, Pamela French, Jean Hooper, June Masters, Peggy Nordon, Maureen Postins, Pauline Sewell, Jill Thornloe, Patricia Webley
At the Piano - Mary Beeby

Director - Anthony Farmer
Designer - Anthony Farmer

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