Prunella (1951)

by Laurence Housman and Harley Granville-Barker


Gardener's Boy -
Audrey Farmer
First Gardener - John Bishop
Second Gardener - Wililam O'Brien
Third Gardener - Gordon Farmer
Queer - Pamela French
Prunella - Josephine H Player
Prim - Elizabeth Robbins
Privacy - Gina Altree
Prude - Adeline Beck
Quaint - Paullne Sewell
Pierrot - Mary Gray
Scaramel - Harry Lord
Kennel - Robert Snelson
Callow - David Iliffe
Mouth - Harold Innocent
Hawk - John Budds
Tawdry - June Wakefield
Doll - Mary Daniels
Romp - Patricia Webley
Coquette - Maureen Postins
Statue of Love - Peter Woolley

Director - Mary Dalton
Designer - Anthony Farmer

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