Puss in Boots (1951)

Puss in Boots
by Aubrey Wagstaffe


Ogre -
George de la Mare
Fairy Moonbeam - Patricia Webley
Claude - Gordon Farmer
Cecil - Ronald Webb
Colin - Audrey Farmer
Goofy - John Bishop
Dame Dolittle - Michael Sykes
Dilly - Peter Ingham
Dally - Robert Snelson
Timothy (as the Cat) - Winifred Smith
Dwarf - June Wakefield
Princess Starry Eyes - Nina Morris
Fairy Shoemaker - Stanley Daiton
Timothy (as the Prince of Valbania) - Maureen Postins
Town Crier - Aubrey Wagstaffe
King Canoodle - John Bishop
Millers, Villagers, Good and Evil Spirits - Patricia Alien, Mary Coleman, Mary Daniels, Anne Davis, Joy Dawtrey, Joan Dymond, Pamela French, Joy Hodgkins, Jean Hooper. Barbara Hughes, Shirley Reader, Beryl Simmonds, Jill Thorneloe, June Toomey
At the Piano - Cyril Walker

Director - Aubrey Wagstaffe assisted by Robert Crutchlow
Designer - Donald Wakefield

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