The Sleeping Beauty (1953)

The Sleeping Beauty
by Anthony Farmer


Harlequin -
Shirley Dyer
Columbine - Barbara Higgins
Clown - Beryl Harper
The Wicked Witch - Kenneth Nordon
The Lilac Fairy - Joy Dawtrey
Tittle - John Hooper
Tattle - Robert Snelson
The Lord Chamberlain - Keith Higgins
Marmaduke - Harry Lord
Prince Florizel - Paullne Sewell
Jack - Ronald Webb
Beldora - Ann Howe
Queen Matilda - Aubrey Wagstaffe
King Arthur - Peter Lindsey
Princess Beauty - Anthea Henn
Principal Dancer - Shirley Dyer
Villagen,Courtiers, Fisherfolk and Flowers - Patricia Allen, Isabel Cockerill, Edna Crowley, Anne Davis, Patricia Deane, Audrey Farmer, Jean Hayward, Jean Hooper, Barbara Hughes, Wendy Midgley, Sybil Poole
At the Piano - Mary Beeby

Director - Anthony Farmer
Designer - Anthony Farmer
Choreographers - Mary Dalton and Anne Davis

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