The Wandering Jew (1953)

The Wandering Jew
by E Temple Thurston


Phase 1
Judith -
Pamela French
Rachel - Mary Daniels
Matathias, the Jew - Stanley Dalton
Phase 2
Boemond, Prince of Tarentum - Bradley Pritchard
Raymond of Toulouse - Vincent Blacklock
Issachar, an old Jew - Wilfred Burr
Joanne de Beaudricourt - Josephine H Player
The Unknown Knight - Stanley Dalton
Phirous, a Man-at-Arms - John Hooper
Phase 3
Francesca, a servant - Adeline Beck
Andrea Michelotti, a Merchantof Messina - Leslie Price
Matteo Bottadio. the Jew - Stanley Dalton
Gianalla Bottadio, his Wife - Gwendollne Ray
Pietro Morelli, a Padre - David Iliffe
Phase 4
Nola, a Moorish servant - Joyce Handford
Lazzaro Zapportas, a Jewish Merchant - Bradley Pritchard
Maria Zapportas, his Wife - Gina Altree
Arnaldo Zapportas, his Son - Marcus Dalton
Matteos Battadlos, the Jew - Stanley Daiton
Olalla Quintana, a Harlot - Edna Crowley
Gonzalez Ferera, the Fiscal - Leslie Price
Alonzo Castro, the Confessor - Wilfred Burr
Juan de Texeda, Inquisitor-General - David Iliffe
The Crier - Vincent Blacklock
Lords, Ladies, Knights, Men-at-Arms, Squires, Heralds, Soldiers, Councillors, etc. - Raymond Courts. Brian Cox, Josephine Farmer, Michael Hancox, Joyce Handford, Kenneth Norden, Trevor Owens, Geoffrey Poole, June Toomey

Director - Mary Dalton
Designer - Mario Leonardi

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