Red Riding Hood (1954)

Red Riding Hood
Devised by Henry Billing, revised by the Cast. Additional lyrics and dialogue by Aubrey Wagstaffe, Keith Higgins and Eric Taylor


Uncle Tom -
Keith Higgins
Jack Tremayne - Pauline Sewell
Sally (Red Riding Hood) - Joy Dawtrey
Dame Hood - Edward Whitehead
The Shoemaker - Ronald Webb
The Good Fairy - Patricia Boldog
Slim - Kevin Lomas
Wally - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Babs - Barbara Higgins
Patty - Patricia Clements
The Big Bad Wolf - Eric Taylor
Villagers, Wood-sprites, etc - lsobel Cockerill, Pat Deane, Anne Dowell, Jean Hayward,
Anne Lord, Yoland Lord, Diane Swinnerton, Patricia Webley
At the Piano - Olive Mell

Director - Henry Billing
Designer - Donald Wakefield

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