Dark of the Moon (1954)

Dark of the Moon
by Howard Richardson and William Berney


John (The Witch Boy) - Ronald Webb
Conjur Man - Norman Stubbs
Conjur Woman - June Wakefield
Dark Witch - Pauline Sewell
Fair Witch - Judith Beecham
Uncle Smelicue - Keith Higgins
Hank Gudger - George de la Mare
Edna Summey - Sybil Poole
Mrs Summey - Lilian Waring
Miss Metcalf - Gwendoline Ray
Jenkins - Kenneth Nordon
Atkins - John Riley
Floyd Allen - Harold Innocent
Mr Bergen - John Pegg
Mrs Bergen - Beryl Milner
Burt Dinwitty - Philip Newby
Mrs Greeny Gorman - Gladys Browett
Hattie - Valerie Larvin
Marvin Hudgens - Robert Snelson
Barbara Allen - Barbara Higgins
Mr Allen - Victor Stoneham
Mrs Allen - Adeline Beck
Preacher Haggler - Aubrey Wagstaffe
Man with an accordion - David Edden

Directors - Mary Dalton and Stanley Dalton
Designers - Josephine Powell and Douglas Hatfield

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