The Three Sisters (1954)

The Three Sisters
by Anton Chekov


Olga Prozorov -
Barbara Higgins
Irena Prozorov - Judith Beecham
Baron Nicolay Toozenbach - Richard Savill
Vasily Solony - Ronald Webb
lvan Chebootikin - Robert Snelson
Masha - Mary Gray
Anthissa - Adeline Beck
Therapin - John Riley
Alexander Vershimn - Stanley Dalton
Andrew Prozorov - Keith Higgins
Theodore Cooligin - Victor Stoneham
Natasha - Phyllis Harris
Phedotik - Barry Crowshaw
Rody - Anatoly Parchomenko
A Violinist - Doreen Sawmy
A Soldier - Brian Cox
A Maid - Eileen Smith
A Beggar - Peter Lindsay

Director - David Iliffe
Designers - John Darlow and John Riley

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