Dick Whittington (1956)

Dick Whittington
by Steve Stevenson


Alice Fitzwarren -
Heather Ball
Alderman Fitwarren - Robin Parkinson
Martha the Cook - Eric Taylor
Idle Jack - Ronald Webb
Dick Whittington - Norma Barradell
Tommy the Cat - Jean Redding
King Rat - Stanley Beaufoy
The Fairy - Joy Hambleton
The Captain - Brian Lord
The Mate - Robin Cox
The Sultan - Victor Stoneharn
The Vizier - Harold Laydon
Principal Dancer - Angela Daly
Sailors, Soldiers, Fairies, Cats, Rats, Londoners, Ladies of Harem, etc - Brenda Constable, Glenys Davenport, Pauline Insall, Wendy Reeder, June Cross, Rosemary Cleaver, May Cotterill, Isobel Cockerill, Dorothy Johnson, Madelaine Nixon
At the Piano - Eric Pointon

Directors - Steve Stevenson and Peter Newey
Designers - Donald and June Wakefield
Choreographer - Anne Davis

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