The Magistrate (1957)

The Magistrate
by Arthur W Pinero


Beatie Tomlinson -
Norma Barradell
Cis Farrington - Robert Forman
Wyke - Stanley Beaufoy
Popham - Jill Novernber
Agatha Posket - Sheila Fitzgerald
Mr Posket - Tom Carless
Mr Builamy - Victor Stoneham
Charlotte Verrinder - June Willmott
Isidore - Robert Prior-Pitt
Achille Blond - Wilfred Burr
Colonel Lukyn - Harry Lord
Captain Horace Vale - Edwin P Grant
Inspector Messiter - John Russell
Constable Harris - Brian James
Sergeant Lugg - Ken Pearson
Mr Wormington - Frank Moore

Director - Phyllis Harris
Designer - Edwin P Grant

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