Tiger at the Gates (1957)

Tiger at the Gates
by Jean Giraudoux, translated by Christopher Fry


Andromache -
Margaret Brayshaw
Cassandra - Janette Glithero
Laundress - Jane Winter
Hector - Peter Turnbull
Paris - Kenton Moore,
First Old Man - John Russell
Second Old Man - Victor Stoneham
Priam - Eric F Abbott
Demokos - Douglas Myhill
Hecuba - Joy Olver
Mathematician - John Collier
Servant - Brenda Jennings
Polyxene - Mary Usher
Helen - Josephine H Player
Messenger - Derek Russell
Troilus - Michael Elliott
Abneos - Stanley Beaufoy
Busiris - Frank Moore
Ajax - Peter Brayshaw
Priest - Robert Prior-Pitt
Ulysses - Joseph Rowland
A Topman - Kenneth Pearson
Olpides - Roger Worrod
Sailor - Robin Cox
Soldiers - Edward Hobbins, Anthony Mowbray

Director - Teresa M Randle
Designer - Edwin P Grant

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