Time Remembered (1957)

Time Remembered
by Jean Anouilh, translated by Patricia Moyes


Amanda -
June Willmott
Duchess of Pont-au-Bronc - Pauline Wattis
Theophilus - Victor Stoneham
First Footman - Robin Cox
Second Footman - Derek Russell
Lord Hector - Eric F Abbott
An Ice-cream Man - John Russell
A Taxi Driver - Kenneth Pearson
Prince Albert Troubiscoi - Rex Satchwell
Ferdinand - Edward Whitehead
A Waiter - Kenneth Pearson
First Gypsy - Derek Russell
Second Gypsy - John Russell
Third Gypsy - Jane Winter
The Cloakroom Attendant - Ethel hart
A Ghilly - Victor Stoneham
The Landlord - P Philip Rowlands

Director - Edwin P Grant
Designer - Nancy Upshall

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