The Recruiting Officer (1958)

The Recruiting Officer
by George Farquhar


Mr Balance -
Peter Turnbull
Mr Scale - John Russell
Mr Scruple - Eric F Abbott
Mr Worthy - Anthony Burrows
Captain Plume - David Comins
Captain Brazen - Edward Whitehead
Sergeant Kite - Lee Brown
Bullock - Roger Worrod
Costar Pearmain - Eric F Abbott
Thomas Appletree - Robin Cox
Pluck - Kenneth Pearson
Constable - Peter Brayshaw
Drummer - Derek Russell
First Prisoner - Derek Russell
Second Prisoner - Robin Cox
Melinda - Pauline Sewell
Silvia - Josephine Sensicle
Lucy - Patricia Ralph
Rose - Margaret Brayshaw
Servant to Balance - Adeline Beck
First Prisoner's Wife - Jean Woodward
Second Prisoner's Wife - Jane Winter
Other Townsfolk - Ann Thomason, Edward Hobbins

Director - Rosamund Comins
Designer - Kenneth Pearson

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