The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker (1958)

The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker
by Liam O'Brien


Laurie Pennypacker - Norma Barradell
First Pupil - Margaret Atherton
Second Pupil - Gillian Ayres
Edward Pennypacker - Stephen Morley
David Pennypacker - Philip Blacker
Aunt Jane Pennypacker - Maureen lliffe
Wilbur Fifield - lan Hunt
Kate Pennypacker - Judith Dean
Ma Pennypacker - Joy Olver
Elizabeth Pennypacker - Mary Usher
Henry Pennypacker - Robin Cox
Ben Pennypacker - Anthony Gregory or Barry Milner
Grampa Pennypacker - Douglas Myhill
Mr Quinlan - Alan McNaughton
Horace - John Morley
Dr Fifield - Eric F Abbott
A Sheriff - Stanley Beaufoy
Pa Pennypacker - Keith Higgins

Director - Beryl Milner
Designer - Douglas Myhill

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