Treasure Island (1958)

Treasure Island
Adapted by James Bernard Fagan, from the story by Robert Louis Stevenson


Billy Bones -
Bertram Marks
Mrs Hawkins - Beryl Milner
Jim Hawkins - Philip Blacker
Doctor Livesey - Kenneth Pearson
Black Dog - Joseph French
Pew - Douglas Myhill
Joe Crossley - Michael Ryan
Supervisor Dance - Keith Barron
Squire Trelawney - Edward Whitehead
Redruth - David Hewins
Israel Hands - Joseph French
Captain Smollett - Douglas Myhill
Johnny - Stanley Beaufoy
O'Brien - Cyril Hobbins
George Merry - Keith Barron
Tom Morgan - Victor Stoneham
Long John Silver - Keith Higgins
John Flint - Polly
Job Arderson - Eric Taylor
Dick - David Aldridge
Deadeye - David Hewins
Abe Gray - Michael Ryan
Ben Gunn - Eric Taylor
Tom Watkins - Stanley Beaufoy
Seamen - Christopher Drew, Edward Hobbins

Director - Douglas Myhill
Designer - Michael Clarke

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