The Cherry Orchard (1960)

The Cherry Orchard
by Anton Chekov, translated by David Iliffe


Doonya - Susan Robertson
Yomalay Lopakin - Douglas Myhill
Simon Epikodof - Peter Masser
Firs - Victor Stoneham
Amanda Ranevski - Norma Casson
Anna - Jane Thomson
Sharlotta - Anne Dingle
Varya - Sheila Oakley
Leonid Gayev - Eric F Abbott
Boris Pischik - Kenneth Pearson
Yasha - Alan Peters
Peter Trofimov - Anthony Burrows
A Passer-by - Stephen Gorton
The Postmaster - John Glass
The Stationmaster - Stephen Gorton
A Male Servant - John Glass

Director - John Scargill
Designer - Nancy Upshall

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