The Rose Tattoo (1960)

The Rose Tattoo
by Tennessee Williams


Salvatore -
Anthony Gregory
Maria - Susan Redgrave
Vivi - Jennie Walter
Bruno - Stephen Morley
Assunta - Norma Casson
Rosa delle Rose - Angela Loader
Serafina delle Rose - Phyllis Harris
Estelle Hohengarten - Phyllis Walter
The Strega - Wilhelmina Plinge
ppina - Ann Richards
Peppina - Kay Gregory
Violetta - Gina Altree
Mariella - Adelaide Beck
Teresa - Meryl Robertson
A Neighbour - Eileen Harrison
Father de Leo - Eric F Abbott
A Doctor - Robert Walter
Miss Yorke - Joy Olver
Flora - Pamela Bateman
Bessie - Janet Higgens
Jack Hunter - David Aldridge
Alvaro Mangiacavallo - Graham Bateman

Director - Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Designer - Sheila Fitzgerald

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