Blood Wedding (1961)

Blood Wedding
by Federico Garcia Lorca


The mother -
Norma Casson
The bridegroom - Kenneth Ives
The neighbour woman - Gladys Graham
The mother-in-law - Margaret Brayshaw
Leonardo's wife - Phyllis Walter
Leonardo - Peter Masser
A girl - Jane Wood
The servant woman - Betty Campbell
The bride's father -
Edwin P Grant
The bride -
June Willmott
First girl -
Ann Richards
Second girl -
Susan Wood
Third girl -
Meryl Robertson
First young man -
David King
Second young man -
Trevor Thomas
Third young man -
John Glass
First woodcutter -
David Burrows
Second woodcutter -
Ronald Haddon
Beggar woman -
Betty Priddis
The moon -
Anthony Burrows
Young girls -
Jane Wood, Eileen Harrison
Child -
Jennifer Walter
Guests and neighbours -
Susan Bee, Patricia Bodenham, Betty Flanders, Laura Flanders, Elizabeth Robinson, Robert Walter

Director - Mary Dalton
Designer - Sheila Fitzgerald

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