Orpheus Descending (1961)

Orpheus Descending
by Tennessee Williams


Dolly Hamma
- Betty Camwell
Beulah Binnings - Norma Casson
Pee Wee Binnings - Stanley Beaufoy
Dog Hamma - Michael Ryan
Carol Cutrere - Ann Ives
Eva Temple - Anne Dingle
Sister Temple - Rene Casson
Uncle Pleasant -
Eric Taylor
Val Xavier -
Joseph Rowland
Vee Talbott -
Josephine Sensicle
Lady Torrance -
Josephine H Player
Jabe Torrance -
Eric F Abbott
Sheriff Talbott -
Peter Masser
Woman -
True Beardsall
David Cutrere -
Harry Lord
Nurse Porter - True Beardsall

Director - Kenneth Ives
Designer - Jim Orr and Ann Curtis

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