The Relapse (1963)

The Relapse or Virtue in Danger
by Sir John Vanbrugh


Loveless -
Peter Russell
Amanda - Susan Robertson
First Page - Edward Speaight
Young Fashion - David Parker
Lory - Eric Taylor
Tug - Roger Warren
Lord Foppington - Edward Whitehead
La Varole -
Michael Phillips
A Tailor -
Herbert Munk
Mrs Calicoe -
Gina Altree
A Shoemaker -
Harry Lord
Mendlegs - Michael Ryan
Coupler - Eric F Abbott
Abigail - Gladys Rutter
Berinthia - Monica Timmins
Syringe - Roger Warren
Worthy - Michael Scott
A Porter -
Michael Ryan
Servant -
Herbert Munk
Sir Tunbelly Clumsey -
Kenneth Pearson
Miss Hoyden -
June Willmott
Nurse -
Margaret Brayshaw
Bull -
Denis Freeman
Sir John Friendly -
Roger Warren

Director - Anthony Burrows
Designer - David Burrows

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